Today I don’t have the mood or motivation to do something. Everything is like in the fog and my brain swims in a huge jar with some transparent thick liquid. Not able to think straight, not able to focus, not able to achieve my daily goals. Not sure what is the cause of this… probably laziness or overwhelming… Anyway today I have only one desire — start to write my blog and share my thoughts, emotions, experience, and feelings.

I got this kind of writing inspiration not for the first time. And I’ve already talked about it with myself (yeah, usually I do that like a crazy lady). The conversation was between my Brain (that represents the logical side of me) and my Soul (all the inspiration/emotion/feelings/etc stuff). The basic dialog was:

“You want to write. Am I right?”, Brain said.

“Yes, you’re right. I want to share everything that we experience in our life, everything that is around us, everything that we are learning and achieving,” Soul answered quietly.

“But do you remember that you’re not a writer? Do you remember your school essays? Do you remember that usually your mom helped you with all your homework essays? Do you remember that we can’t express our thoughts clearly?”, Brain continued to shower with questions.

Soul whispered, “I remember…”

“And do you remember your IELTS (International English Language Testing System) essays? No one understood our way of thoughts. By the way which language are you going to choose?”, Brain didn’t want to stop and pushed with more and more questions.

Soul whispered barely audible, “English…”

Brain couldn’t hold it anymore and exploded like a strict mother, “Are you insane? You don’t even know your native language well and you chose your second language to write a blog. Now stop dreaming and let’s go and do something more important and more suitable for us!”

After that sad Soul shut up and followed the smart Brain orders.

Today I feel everything is different… The sad Soul decided to forget about all Brain’s arguments and give it a try.

I have been thinking about what I should write for a long time. I don’t want to start more fights between Soul and Brain. So I know that they both like to learn new stuff every day. To keep two of them satisfied I will share what I recently learned and will try to explain in an easy way.

Now I think it’s time to tell a bit about myself (and who has such a vivid imagination). I’m Anna, Software Engineer in Test. Today I decided to start my blog and my diary to motivate myself and probably others to learn new things in Software (I will try to explain complex things simply and in a fun way) and achieve career goals that seem to be unreachable right now.

So, what if I can write?

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