Don’t forget to 👏🏻 clap first and then let’s talk about SDET and QA Testers. If you never heard about it or always wanted to learn the difference, then this article is for you.

These acronyms stand for: SDET — Software Development Engineer In Test, QA Tester — Quality Assurance Tester. Both of them are from Software Testing and Quality Assurance Domain. Let’s dive into these two positions for a better understanding of the responsibilities and differences between them.

Both SDETs and QA Testers are responsible for checking new software products (gaming systems, mobile applications, web applications, etc), for early…

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Hello guys! I like checklists. They help me to stay organized and not to forget things. I use a lot of checklists in my work. And I decided to share one of them for the code review. Also, you can use it as a self-check before putting on review which is good practice in my opinion. I created it mostly for QA, but I think developers will find something useful too. Let’s get started.

  1. Check if the code follows the code standard. Of course, it depends on the language that you are using. For example, for python, it is PEP8…

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If you are a Junior QA, you probably dream about stopping doing things manually and start to automate something. But I know that you are lost and don’t know what to do. Most of the Internet resources just make your frustration worse.

I know, I was in your shoes. I didn’t know where to start, which language to choose, which course to take or book to read, where to practice, and 100500 questions like that.

I remember how I was lost choosing Ruby as my first language. For about 6 months I struggled to understand programming on Ruby and what’s…

I started another online course about a week ago. And I bumped into a new term for me — Microservices. I was curious about it and checked for a quick and short explanation, but couldn’t find anything brief and easy to understand. And I decided to create my own short version. So don’t blame me if I missed something because this article is not about advanced details of microservices architecture, it is just a small note for basic understanding.

Microservices is a type of software architecture, where application structure is made of small autonomic services that are modeled around the…

Today I don’t have the mood or motivation to do something. Everything is like in the fog and my brain swims in a huge jar with some transparent thick liquid. Not able to think straight, not able to focus, not able to achieve my daily goals. Not sure what is the cause of this… probably laziness or overwhelming… Anyway today I have only one desire — start to write my blog and share my thoughts, emotions, experience, and feelings.

I got this kind of writing inspiration not for the first time. And I’ve already talked about it with myself (yeah…

Anna Sharkova

Software Developer in Test

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